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Welcome to SEOHive – A simple, transparent, and proactive SEO service that will equip you to sell and deliver SEO contracts. We perform the service-level work for your agency while you build your Monthly Recurring Revenue.

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Is Your Agency Overwhelmed Trying To Deliver SEO Services?

“The Hive” was born out of a need to help digital agencies increase their profits by providing regular recurring SEO services and improve the success of their client websites, all without the burden of performing the work in-house.

White Label SEO For Growing Agencies

We help digital agencies deliver professional SEO campaigns for their clients

With no long-term commitments, our monthly white label SEO service enables your agency to sell and deliver value-packed recurring SEO services. Clear and simple to understand, SEOHive can help your agency stand out from crowd with repeatable, proven results.

3000+ Campaigns Served to date!

SEOHive’s White Label SEO ServiceS


High-quality, targeted content is still the core of a good SEO strategy, and that is where our Content plan begins. Each month our team will write and deliver fully optimised content ready for approval and publishing.

For most white-label SEO services, that’s where the process ends… but not with our Content Plan! We will then go and build internal links to that content for you, so you enter into a constant process of internal link building.

SEOHive’s white-label monthly Content writing service is ideal for most small business websites.

Local SEO

For many small businesses, increased exposure in their local area could be transformational for both their cashflow and profit by helping get customers on the phone and in the door. By optimizing and maintaining your agency client’s local search presence, SEOHive can help drive web (and foot) traffic, as well as increase credibility and trust with our Local SEO and review management service.

SEOHive’s white-label Local SEO service is ideal for any business that serves a specific geographic area or has one or more physical locations.

Technical SEO Booster

For any site to rank well, it needs to be technically optimised and “clean”. This is exactly what our technical boosters are made for!

Starting with a fresh audit report, our team will then go and clean up all technical issues within a website to improve your health score, this unleashes the potential of any other SEO work that is done.

Our Technical SEO Boosters are offered on an “ad hoc” basis. We ask all clients to purchase a Technical Health Audit first, so we can accurately estimate the amount of work involved.

SEO Scout Reports

Sometimes we just need the data to understand what our next move should be…

Our SEO Scout Reports are a suite of 5 reports that we can run on (almost) any website. They include reports on:

  • Site Speed & Core Web Vitals
  • Current Ranking
  • Website SEO Health
  • Backlinks and Toxicity
  • Keyword Research

Our Scout Reports are ideal for Agencies wanting to have more information to provide a quote or run a discovery session. They are suitable for either lead generation or e-commerce websites.

On-Demand Content

We understand that sometimes you just need a helping hand with some content – and this where our On-Demand Content writing service comes in.

Whether it’s a few blog posts to be written during a website project or some new service pages you want to add to a live website, you don’t need to be left waiting for content and worried about how good (or not) it may be.

Simply purchase the pieces you need from us, and our team will deliver them right to your inbox!

Strategy Sessions

Sometimes we just need to chat things through – whether it’s what to do next for a client or unpick the right strategy based on a load of data we have.

Our strategy sessions are the perfect place to talk through the options and make a clear plan of action. We can make sure you are completely comfortable with what happened next before we sign off.

Our strategy sessions are suitable for any website – be it a current website you work on, or a project you’re trying to sell. All we ask for is a few bits of info a day or so before the call so we can be fully prepared when our call is scheduled.

What Our Agency Partners Say

You might want to keep us a secret to your clients, but our agency partners are still buzzing our praises!

“Extremely happy with SEOHive. We’ve seen big increases in DA and traffic. Our client is getting around 30 new leads per month!”

“We’ve been using SEO hive for about 6 months now and our clients have been really happy.”

“We’ve just started using SEOHive for a handful of our clients and they’ve delivered high quality content and are responsive to any questions we have.”

“I suggest you sign up, they’re amazing.”

Now Offering On-Demand Content Production

Not ready to sign up for an ongoing plan? That’s OK, we get it! That’s why we offer one-off content production! Order an article at any time, written by our team of US & UK-based writers! Whether you’re helping a client launch a site with some content ready-to-go, or growing an existing site, we’re confident you (and your clients) will be more than pleased with our work.