SEO Scout Reports

Never be left in the dark about a website’s SEO status again!

Our SEO Scout Reports are a much requested tool to help Digital Agencies sell SEO to their clients.

Ever since we launched SEOHive, we promised we’d launch some processes and products to help Agencies sell SEO, but to launch in the way we did (thanks COVID 🤦‍♂️), we had a focus on the development of our pathways and the development of our service. We’re now ready to complete the picture!

The Scout Reports are a suite of 5 individual SEO reports outlining the current performance and SEO opportunity a site may have.

Which reports are included?

– Website Health Audit
– Keyword Research
– Speed Check & Core Web Vitals Report
– Current Keyword Rankings
– Backlink Toxicity Report

…which are provided white-labelled to your Agency!

How are the reports intended to be used?

The intention is that the Scout Reports are to be used either as part of your proposal or discovery process. You could also include them in to your post-project process for new web builds as a means to upsell SEO retainers to web project clients.

The reports do carry a cost (more about that below) so it’s not something thats intended to be run on every website that you come across. However, once you have a client that you think SEO would be a good fit for, (and, crucially, you’d be happy to work with on an ongoing basis 👍) these reports give you all the data you need to demonstrate the current position of the website, and demonstrate where the SEO priorities lie in the first instance.

The purpose here is to give you the data you need to have an open and honest discussion with the client. We are then there to carry out the work for you once the project is agreed 😍.

How long do the reports take to be delivered?

We understand that most people will need these reports quite quickly – either because you’re trying to get a proposal out or a discovery session is scheduled in your diary. We therefore aim to deliver all 5 Scout Reports within 3 to 5 business days from receipt of your purchase.

Why do you only offer free onboarding for 60 days?

We all know that websites change… yet these reports are static. As such, the reports will eventually become an incorrect reflection of the websites health and position and will need to be replaced.

We therefore came to the decision that 60 days (or 2 months) is a reasonable length of time for the reports to still be accurate and not create additional pressure for you to “force a sale” just because the onboarding voucher is expiring.

Why “Scout” reports?

Just as a colony of bees has a “Scout Bee” whose job is to go and find new sites to build a hive, the purpose of this product is to help agencies find clients and sell SEO retainers – “Scout” seemed like the perfect name for it!

How much do the Scout Reports cost?

Transparent Pricing for all our Agency Partners

The standard cost for a set of the Scout Reports is $97 USD*.

However, the Scout Reports do cover a lot of the work we normally include in our Onboarding Process, so alongside the reports themselves, you also receive a voucher for $97 off the first month if the website joins our Honey Pot service within 60 days of the Scout SEO reports being ordered.

* This price is subject to change and offers could be run on this fee from time to time.

Need more help with your Scout Reports?

We understand that a number of our agency partners aren’t as confident with SEO data as we are – and ultimately you may get asked questions by your client about what some of the data means.

But don’t worry – we have you covered.

This is what our Pro and Prime Scout Reports are for.

Pro Scout Reports

Our Pro Scout Reports deliver the same 5 reports that you would receive normally but also include a video walkthrough of the SEO data for you, so you get our expert opinion and recommendations for the client in question. We will also stripe the data into a sales presentation for you, ready to brand up and send to your client.

Prime Scout Reports

Our Prime Scout Reports deliver the same 5 reports as you would normally receive, but also include a live call with one of our team to go through the data and answer any questions you may have. Calls are typically scheduled for 45 mins. We will also stripe the data into a sales presentation for you, ready to brand up and send to your client.

How do the Pro and Prime Scout Reports work?

We’ve tried to make this as easy as possible.

If you know that you’re going to need some extra support right from the outset, you can buy the Pro or Prime Package right away. Once the Scout Reports are delivered to you, you will then receive further details of when the Pro video will be ready for you, or a link to schedule the Prime call at your convenience.

If you’re not sure whether you need this support yet or not, don’t worry – simply purchase the standard reports and when these are delivered to you there will be a link to upgrade to Pro or Prime if you feel you could do with some extra support once you get to see the data. There are no penalties or extra/hidden charges if you upgrade, you simply pay the difference in cost.

How much does the Pro and Prime Scout Reports Cost?

Our Standard Scout Reports cost $97 US.

Our Pro Scout Reports – with the video walkthrough – cost $297 US (or you can upgrade later for $200).

Our Prime Scout Reports – with the live call – cost $497 US (or you can upgrade later for $400).

How to Get Started

If you have a client ready to go, simply click the button below, checkout and then provide the onboarding information for the client’s website and GBP profile! It’s that simple, and we will take it from there!