Technical SEO Booster

Making sure your site is “clean” to the search engines…

Having a website that “plays within the rules” of the search engines is paramount to SEO success. Not considering this first results in all other SEO efforts being hampered by an unoptimized website.

Our Technical SEO Booster is a one-off process to ensure your website conforms to the latest algorithm standards and ensures you will get the biggest bang for your buck with all your other SEO processes.

Technical SEO Booster

How does the technical SEO booster work?

A logical 3-step process to your Technical SEO peace of mind…

Step 1: Full Technical SEO Audit

Before we touch a thing on your website we run a comprehensive 94-part crawl of the entire site to highlight any technical issues with the website – this gives you a health score out of 100. We also review your website speed, core web vitals and optimisation configurations.

Step 2: Actioning the Audit

Our team then gets to work fixing any of the issues highlighted by the audit. We categorize them as “errors” and “warnings”. All errors MUST be fixed. Warnings need to be reduced as far as possible. Our team will go through and fix everything they can. The only items they won’t touch are those that could require further copywriting – these will be highlighted for you once the process is complete.

Step 3: Re-run the Technical Audit

Once we’re done, we will re-run the initial audits for you so we can demonstrate our progress. We will also send you the list of any additional copy requirements so you can discuss this with your client.

These audits can be white-labelled so you can send them right over to your client.

If you require any additional copywriting support, that can also be arranged with you at this point.

Depending on the improvements made from start to finish, many sites see a near-immediate uplift in search position just by improving their technical SEO! 😱

What are the deliverables of the Technical SEO Booster?

(I.e. what you receive)

The deliverables follow the steps above…

Initial Audit Reports

  • A full 94-part technical SEO audit of every page on your website
  • Speed and core web vitals reports
  • A review of your delivery optimisations (i.e. caching, image optimisation, CDN configurations, etc).

    Staging site? No problem – as long as the site can be made publicly viewable for our crawler to crawl it, we can run these reports on either staging or production websites.

Technical Optimisations

  • All technical items from the reports are actioned
  • A full inventory of pages requiring additional copy is provided (this is where not enough copy is present or where the content-to-HTML ratio is low)
  • Updates are made in line with technical health recommendations and lighthouse (Pagespeed Insights)
  • CDN and caching settings are optimised (if already present)
  • Heading structures are improved
  • Optimize URL structure
  • Implement or improve structured data markup
  • Improve loading speeds
  • Enhance internal linking
  • Optimize for local SEO (if applicable)
  • Fix an SSL or mixed content issues

A clean bill of health

  • Regenerated white-label reports, ready for you to send to your client.
  • Peace of mind that your site is “clean”

Technical SEO Booster Pricing

Transparent Pricing for all our Agency Partners.

Our Technical SEO Booster services are priced as follows:

Lead Generation Websites:

  • Extra Small (up to 10 pages*) = $350.00
  • Small (up to 30 pages*) = $500.00
  • Medium (up to 50 pages*) = $750.00
  • More than 50 pages? Get the initial audit first and we’ll provide an estimation to complete the technical booster process for you.

Ecommerce Websites:

Currently, all e-commerce sites are required to purchase the initial audit first, and then we will be able to provide an estimation to complete the technical booster process for you.

* What do we mean by “pages” – we know this may sound basic, but the number of “pages” is how we calculate the size of a website. By “pages” we are referring to the total number of pages, posts, post types, products, categories and indexable URLs NOT including service URLs like privacy and cookies policies, etc.

Which level is suitable for me?

At the moment we have 3 levels of service for brochure websites. For websites that don’t fit into those levels or are e-commerce websites, we have the option to run the initial audit first ($47) and then we can provide an estimation for the completion of the technical booster process – we’ll also offer to have a call with you to chat through the rest of the process (this is entirely optional).

If you’re unsure which technical booster package is right for you, we recommend you take the same course of action and order an initial audit first – we can then advise on the appropriate course of action once we have the initial audit data.

If you do purchase the initial audit only, we will discount the remainder of the technical booster by the $47 you have already paid.

Want to know more?

If you have any queries or aren’t sure if this would be a good fit for your clients, feel free to contact us with any queries you may have and we’ll respond to you or schedule a call with you ASAP to discuss further.

How to Get Started

If you have a client ready to go, simply click the button below, checkout and then provide the onboarding information for the client’s website and GBP profile! It’s that simple, and we will take it from there!