Content Plan

Content doesn’t have to be sweet, but it helps if it is!

Building an Agency on SEO with recurring services relies on delivering results for your client. SEO is a multi-disciplined process with lots of moving parts though, and to get it working cohesively for every client can be extremely time-consuming, not to mention expensive.

That’s where our Content Plan comes in…

SEOHive Honey Pot

What is The Content Plan?

At its core, The Content Plan is a systemized process around developing quality content, integrating it properly into a client website, and getting it seen by their potential customers.

High-quality, targeted content is still the core of a good SEO strategy, and that is where the Content Plan begins. Following an initial Keyword Research Process, our team will write and deliver fully optimised copy ready for approval and publishing. For most white-label SEO services, that’s where the process ends… but not with SEOHive!

Once a piece is ready to be published, our on-page SEO team does their part, reviewing the latest crawl data and new content, and will make additional on-page optimisations based on the results they see. They will consider schema data and content structured outbound – all from that one piece of content. We will also go and build some internal inbound links to every shiny new piece of content!

This is undertaken for every piece of content we generate, so regardless of if you subscribe to a package of one, two, three or four articles a month, this process will be executed for each one of them.

What are the deliverables of the Content Plan?

(I.e. what you receive)

Every month, for each piece of content in your agreement, you will receive:

Content Creation

  • Topic planner for easy review and approval with your client
  • 1 new blog article/content piece (up to 1,250 words) including optimised heading structure, meta title and meta description, and a complimentary royalty-free stock/feature image
  • A social post for the new content

On Page Optimization

  • Monthly site audit to review for new issues or area of improvement
  • On-Page optimization for new content

Client Success

  • Live SEO Performance Dashboard
  • Live dashboard & ongoing reporting

“That’s a lot of SEO effort – does it work?”

In short, yes!

While some white-label services will tell you that SEO can be accomplished through a single strategy or approach, we understand that SEO really needs to deliver results for your clients, so that they become a longstanding client of yours.

In order to gain more orders or enquiries that will make a difference to their business, they need a far more comprehensive multidisciplinary approach to their SEO. This involves a range of tactics, such as keyword research, content creation, technical optimization, and analytics, to name a few.

The result of this comprehensive strategy is that your client will see an improvement to their website’s visibility, which results in more quality traffic, and ultimately, an increase in their conversions and revenue. This provides confidence in the services you offer, and you end up with a long-term monthly paying client!

”Who is the Content plan for”?

As mentioned, the Content Plan is a seriously comprehensive service, but it does have some limitations. It can work perfectly for e-commerce, lead generation and physical “bricks and mortar” businesses.

That said, there are certain industries / clients we may struggle with.

Our copywriters are specialist SEO writers, and are all native English speakers. Generally speaking, as long as there is enough information available to research a topic (without, you know, going back to college) – we can typically write it. That said, there are certain areas that will need a specialist in the field to both provide and verify some of the content that is created. These are normally to do with specialist fields, technical services, scientific or medical areas.

If you’re unsure about whether this would be a good fit for your client, please get in touch and we’ll happily chat it through with you.

The Content Plan will work for Local, National or International Companies – but if you want to dive more into local SEO in particular, we have an additional Local SEO service (that can be bolted on, or used as a standalone service) that sits perfectly on top of the Content Plan!

“That sounds expensive!”

Whilst there is a lot of work that goes into every piece of content and every client, we believe that SEO is the best way to build lasting traffic that will deliver for a client’s business for years to come. Therefore it needs to be accessible.

Our Content Plan starts at just $350 for the first piece of content each month, and then just $200 for each additional piece if content. This pricing is per client, per month.

There is no contract, it is month in, month out, payable in advance by credit or debit card.

How to Get Started

If you have a client ready to go, simply click the button below, choose how many articles you require each month, checkout and then provide the onboarding information for the client website! It’s that simple, and we will take it from there!