Episode #: 004
Hosts / Guest(s): Pete & Jeff

Show Notes

In this episode, Pete and Jeff consider the elements you need to consider when preparing a website for launch.


We’re assuming you already have:
  • Built the site properly
  • Browser-checked it the responsive layouts
  • Populated it fully
  • Figured out your caching


  • Unblock Search Engines
  • SEO Plugins & Basic Set Up
  • Business Details in Schema / SEO Plugin
  • 301 Redirects of old URLs to new URLs
  • Site Title / Tagline (remove “Just another WordPress Website”, etc)
  • Are Web and Home URLs updated to live site
  • Remove standard posts / hello world content
  • Make sure GA4 is installed
  • Make sure tracking codes are copied over from the previous site
  • Ensure all plugins / themes / wordpress updates are complete (even if they’re not on a maintenance plan, you should hand the site over with 0 updates required).
  • Run an SEO Health Audit
  • Make sure there is only 1 H1 tag per page
  • Run a full check for any placeholder text
  • Make sure forms submit
  • Take payment gateway of of Test / Dev Mode (if applicable)
  • Check load times on all page templates are less than 3 seconds (absolute maximum)
  • Check Social Media links are correct
  • Confirm 404 page is set correctly
  • Ensure Cookies and Privacy Policies are correct / up-to-date
  • Install security plugin (like Wordfence of iThemes)
  • Check all contact forms go to the clients email address


  • Submit to Google Search Console (this might involved submitting a new (different) sitemap.xml URL
  • Make sure SSL Certificate is installed
  • Set up Instant Indexing for Bing and Google
  • Set up maintenance plan (if the client has signed up)
  • Send Website Owners Manual (with agreement for maintenance plan if they’re not signed up already)
  • Ensure all licensed plugins have the new (live) domain authenticated on them